Single Baby Boomers Unplugged


With the lazy, hazy days of summer coming to a close, Baby Boomers find themselves with more free time since their children or grandchildren are back in school and their vacation time is over.  While having visitors or traveling to visit friends and relatives is enjoyable, single Baby Boomers are often used to living alone and relish time spent on their own.  However, it’s often with great difficulty that people spend any time unplugged from the rest of the world.  Many keep their cell phones on day and night. They check their messages, tweets, email, or Facebook several times a day and spend free time surfing the net and playing games.  It keeps their minds active, but there are other ways to do the same thing or to get a much-needed rest.  Through observation and interviews, I’ve found that Boomers still enjoy the simple pleasures they enjoyed in their childhood before electronic devices became available to the general public.



Here are some of the ways single Boomers enjoyed their free time in what they call “simpler times”.


Read-Although we may now do it with a glass of wine, reading the latest best seller, novel, a classic, or magazine can draw us into another world and away from our own problems.


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Take a walk-It doesn’t matter where you go, the beach, a wooded lane or a mountain trail, a walk gives you time to enjoy the world around you and lose yourself in its natural beauty.  Since our lifestyle is now more sedentary, it’s also a rewarding form of exercise.


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Ride a bike-Your bike may be the motorized kind that’s sometimes preferred by both male and female Baby Boomers, but no matter what type it is you can enjoy the great outdoors and get from here to there.


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Party hardy-Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, learning a new skill, playing games, or just chatting, social gatherings can be a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends or make new ones.


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Create new things-As children we sometimes made our own toys with what was at hand.  Wooden sticks and piece of string could be a bow and arrow.  Add a piece of paper and you have a kite.  We can still create things out of common items.  HGTV has shown us how to make trash into treasures.  Local organizations and businesses offer classes in art, creative writing, woodworking, and other artistic pursuits or you can just use your imagination and create something original.


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Watch fireworks-It’s been the highlight of any celebration since the 7th century in China.  Now city lights often outshine the stars making fireworks a way to enjoy the night sky.  Stargazing was probably the first form of fireworks and people still look to the stars as a way of relaxing.  It’s a free, relaxing way to enjoy the nighttime.


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Play with a pet-Dogs may be the most active playmates, but a cat, other domesticated mammals, reptiles, birds, or fish can be a wonderful companion when you don’t want to go for a walk.  Even if your pet can’t leave the house, they’re a living being that gives you attention and loves you unconditionally even if they ignore you most of the time.


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Go fly a kite-There are so many beautiful kites being designed and sold in specialty stores.  If you don’t want to build your own or spend a lot of money, you can just buy an inexpensive one at a discount store and spend a windy day watching it soar.


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Visit the library-Although people often go to the library to use their computers or internet or check out DVDs or audiobooks, it’s still a refuge for those seeking a quiet place to browse the shelves for a book to read there or at another quiet spot.  Bookstores are also wonderful places to visit, but the library is free and for single Baby Boomers that’s a money saving plus.


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Take a bubble bath-We used to fight with our parents to stay out of the tub.  It wasn’t so much that we liked to be dirty, a bath meant bedtime was next.  Then we found showers were quicker and fit better into our busy schedule.  Now luxuriating in a bubble bath is a soothing way to soak away our pains and forget our troubles.

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Bake something-Who didn’t enjoy baking cookies with you mother or grandmother?  Even if you do it alone and use frozen cookie dough or a box cake, the smell can bring back memories of your childhood.  Then if you share your baked delicacies with friends, you’ve made someone else happy.


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Go Fishing-Enjoyed alone or with a friend, this can be an inexpensive way to spend the day at your favorite stream, lake, or beach.  We used to do it with a cane pole and worms, but like everything else, the equipment has improved and can be quite expensive.  If you want to keep it simple, you can relax in a boat or on the beach with just the basics and maybe bring home dinner.


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Enjoy the silence-This may be the most difficult thing to accomplish.  Even though it’s hard to find a place that’s completely silent, if you search the trails and beaches around your home you may find a sanctuary.  Of course, there’s always your own home where silence can be found, especially at night, if you just turn off your electronics and yes, that means the TV.


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Sitting on your couch listening to music or reading may seem like a waste of time, but if we unplug and just enjoy our surrounding, we can better enjoy the simple pleasures of life and forget the challenges we face in the outside world.  I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas on how to spend your time this summer or any time of the year.  Anything that exercises our brains or body can make our lives more pleasurable and reward us with a recharged body and mind.


Continue the adventure!


Linda Lea




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