Changes to Single Boomer Life

Changes to Single Boomer Life

Dear Reader,

I’m changing my blog domain to just WordPress.  It’ll still come up as but may look a little different.  If you’ve signed up to have it delivered to your email inbox, that will no longer happen but you can just put in the address bar or get to it through my Facebook Page, Single Boomer Life.  I’ll still post on subjects of interest to single Baby Boomer, all singles and Baby Boomer, but not as often.  I have other projects in the works. Hopefully, one will be a book.  Travel is my passion and I want to concentrate on that and will blog on those adventures.  I’ll also continue to post links to websites and blogs written by others that I feel you might find interesting on my Facebook Page.  Please bear with my during the change.  When I imported my data, the photos didn’t come along.  I’m working on that and other issues.

I hope you’ll stay with me during the change and even write some blogs for me to publish or suggest other sites that I can post on my Facebook Page, Single Boomer Life.  I would enjoy hearing about your experiences as a single and a Baby Boomer.

Continue your adventure while I continue mine.

Linda Lea

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