I don’t want to write a standard profile, but I guess you’d like to know a bit about me and what I’ve done with my life to this point.

I started life as the first of five children.  The oldest child is traditionally the leader, caretaker of the younger children and required to meet other parental expectations.  As a Baby Boomer, you’re expected to excel in school, be involved in activities, graduate from college and get your Mrs. degree.  I met these goals and went on to get advanced degrees in education and psychology.  I worked in education and sales while taking care of a husband and raising two children. Then in my 30’s I followed the path taken by many fellow Baby Boomers, divorce and single parenthood.  A lot happened after that, but the final outcome is that I now have a wonderful  family and friends who live all over the world.  I’ve retired to a beach town with emerald green water and a white sugar sand beach.  This is where I hope to turn my type A personality into a stress free type B one. I’m a work in progress.

As this blog progresses you’ll find out more about me and topics that interest all Baby Boomers, especially those who are now single, have been in the past or may be in the future.

~Linda Lea


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