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Some Baby Boomer Humor About British TV

Some Baby Boomer Humor About British TV


I found this on The Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour Appreciation Society Facebook page.  I thought you all might enjoy it.  I use closed captioning even though I don’t have an issue with my hearing.  Any accent different from our own is difficult to understand.  When I taught in Japan there were students from over 30 countries at my school.  I was amazed they could understand all of the English speaking teachers because we came from all over the world.  It was the same with Vaughantown when I taught conversational English to Spaniards.  We had tutors from England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Trinidad and different parts of the U.S.  I feel it’s important to do our best to try to understand and appreciate the differences in people from other countries especially those who came here to make America their home.  A positive step toward this is to learn words from their language.  You’ll find many English words are derived from other languages.  Learning another language keeps our brain active.  We definitely need to do that as we age.   This cartoon gave me a chuckle though.  Share it with others.





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