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A Single Baby Boomer Needs Your Help

A Single Baby Boomer Needs Your Help


My grandsons and I are very different. 

They’re men. I’m a woman.

They’re young. I’m old.

They’re tall. I’m short.

They’ve lost their baby fat.  I got mine back.

They were born and live in the South.  I was born in the North and now live in the South.

They’re born athletes. I only like sports if they’re playing or watching beside me.

They like video games.  I like Facebook and TV.

They like to text.  I like to talk to them.

They have black curly hair and brown eyes.  I have straight white hair and green eyes.

I’m white.  They’re multiracial.

Only the last difference makes me worry about them every day.  The news is full of unarmed black people being shot by the police and people “standing their ground” even when they’re not committing crimes.  It didn’t start with Trayvon Martin.  It’s been going on for centuries all over the world.  From slavery to apartheid those perceived as different have been persecuted.

black people killed

https://policeviolencereport.org/  Statistics from 2017

I’m not saying that everyone feels this way.  It’s quite the opposite.  There are white people of all socio-economic classes who believe we’re all equal but how many of them speak out?  I have a small voice but I’m begging you.  Please help people of color and those with sexual preferences and religions other than our own.  We’d all like to sleep at night and know that our babies are safe from prejudice and harm.

Most importantly though, my grandsons and I are alike for the most important reason.

We love each other.

Continue the Adventure!

Linda Lea